Merriam Community Church – Re-Opening Guidelines

Guidelines must be followed after the church doors are re-opened to the public on June 14 th, for an undisclosed period of time, in ordet to satisfy the IL. Dept. of Public Health requirements.


  • Please utilize all available parking lots.
  • Upon arrival stay in your vehicle until the doors are opened.
  • Please do NOT bring any drinks into the building.
  • Doors will open at 8:45am and 10:45am as we go to two worship services.


  • Until further notice, all greeters must wear masks and gloves.
  • Until further notice, shaking hands, or hugging will not be allowed.
  • Greeters will open and close all doors before and after each service, eliminating the need for anyone to touch the door handles
  • Ushers will assist attendees to their seats.
  • The offering wall boxes are located near exits and throughout the hallways to eliminate the passing of the offering bags.
  • Online giving is also another option.

Kids/Teen Services:

  • Until further notice, all kids (Nurseries, Adventureland & Carpenter’s Kids) and teen services have been cancelled. Kids/Teens will be required to remain with, and under the supervision of their parents or guardian.


  • Hand sanitizing materials are readily available throughout the Sanctuary, Hallway & Restrooms.
  • All surfaces where human contact can be made will be sanitized before each service and in between the 9:00 and 11:00 Sunday morning services.
  • All reusable/touchable items in the Sanctuary and Hallway have been removed until further notice. (Worship Guides, Guest Bibles, Refreshments, Coffee & Condiments, etc.)
  • Tithe Envelopes and Connection Cards will be located in the Main Hallway & near Sanctuary Entrance.
  • ALL unused/unnecessary spaces will be closed off. (Foyers, Hospitality, Classrooms, Offices, etc…)


  • Portable partitions have been placed at the restroom door openings to provide privacy, yet allowing the doors to remain open, preventing the touching of door handles.
  • Restrooms will be disinfected between services.
  • Instructions on the correct manner to wash hands have been placed in all restrooms: (Use soap and warm water for at least 20 sec onds. Leave water running until you dry your hands with a paper towel and use the towel to turn off the water.)
  • Protection:

    • Masks and gloves will be required for all volunteers/greeters. (With the exception of the Praise Team while singing, and the pastor while preaching.)
    • Masks will be highly recommended (but not required) for all attendees.
    • Anyone that is sick should stay at home.
    • Anyone needing prayer can meet privately with the pastor or prayer team after the church service.
    • Until further notice it is recommended that those at greatest risk stay at home and watch the services on-line.
    • Until further notice the Foyers will remain closed for socializing before and after services.
    • Until further notice all water coolers and fountains will be shut off.

    Seating In the Sanctuary:

    • Families/couples that arriv.e together may sit together. All others will-be requested to keep at least two open chairs in between occupants.
    • Seating has been rearranged so that there is 6 feet of separation between rows.
    • The Balcony seating has been rearranged so that there is 6 feet of separation between rows.
    • When people enter the building, they will be directed into the sanctua,ry, and be seated in order, starting at the farthest seating available, to the seats closest to the entry/exit doors. The purpose is to eliminate repeated exposure to those walking past those seated near the doors.
    • When the service is finished, those seated nearest the exit doors will be dismissed first and in order and asked to leave the building directly; The purpose is to discourage socializing in side the facility.


    • Unless those being baptized are members of one family, only one person can be baptized at a time, with the baptistry being emptied and/or disinfected in between each baptism.


    • Until further notice, we will use the pre-packaged communion elements to prevent handling of the cups and bread.
    • Authorized personnel will pre-place the Communion elements either at each seat or a designated spot as attendees enter the sanctuary.